Our Curriculum


The teaching staff all put a great deal of work into reviewing the curriculum changes in the Summer term 2014 in order for our school to be ready to deliver the new curriculum in September 2014. Our previous planning has been reviewed, evaluated and re-designed in line with the new programmes of study for all year groups.


Our Curriculum Overviews for each year group detail all National Curriculum subjects that are covered by each year group, and also show the key learning outcomes for each of these subjects.


Our Curriculum Maps for each year group detail which: English Units, Topic Project and Discrete subjects are being taught during each half term. The English Units have been planned to complement the learning taking place in Topic each half term so that Reading and Writing skills can be consolidated in Topic learning and teaching, and the Topic theme can provide the context/theme for English lessons.


Experiences & The Highters Heath Guarantee: The learning and teaching of the curriculum in school is underpinned by a range of trips, workshops, projects and visitors, as we recognise the immense value that ‘experiences’ have on our children’s learning. The experiences that have been booked already are detailed on the curriculum maps, although these may be added to over the course of the year. As a school we are committed to ensuring that our curriculum upholds our ‘Highters Heath Guarantee', ,which aims to provide the children with experiences that we believe are essential for children during their 7 years of Primary Education.


Teaching Approaches: In school we use a variety of innovative teaching approaches including: Philosophy for Children, Mantle of the Expert and Imaginary Communities. If you would like to find out more about these approaches please use the links below. We are committed to using these approaches to deliver the curriculum as we believe that the children’s learning experience is enhanced as they develop their ability to: ask and answer challenging questions effectively; listen, speak and respond with greater confidence in classwork/discussion; work effectively both as an independent and collaborative learner; lead and take greater ownership and responsibility for their own learning. When and where these teaching approaches are used to deliver a topic is detailed on the Curriculum Maps, with the school aiming to ensure a variety are used across the course of the year.


Philosophy for Children: www.sapere.org.uk

Maths: We are currently in the process of adding the Maths Units for each half term to the year group Curriculum Maps. Our aim here will be to achieve what we have done with the English Units, by ensuring that the Maths that is being taught discretely is complementing the learning taking place in Topic. We want the children to have the opportunity to consolidate their learning of the Maths concepts and skills they have been taught, by using and applying these in the context of Topic lessons.


The Curriculum Overview and Curriculum Map Links for each year group can be found here.

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