Highters Heath Curriculum Statement of Intent


Highters Heath: Where We All Say I Can!

Our Values:


When a child leaves our school, it is our intention that they will have developed a love of learning which will therefore drive their own education forward. The independent skills that they will have learnt throughout their time here, along with their basic literacy and numeracy skills, will enable them to access and engage within the school system at a good level. Our children, once adults, need to be confident, resilient and responsible members of our community, able to contribute effectively by using the skills developed, encouraged and enhanced within our school.


Our School Strands:


Our curriculum is linked by 5 key strands (see strand definitions) that are woven into our lessons. These are:

  • Academic Learning

  • Awareness and Understanding of Ourselves and Others

  • Our Place in the World, and The Impact We Have On It

  • Expression and Communication

  • Characteristics of an Effective Learner


At Highters Heath we follow the 2014 National Curriculum. As well as making best use of the National Curriculum, we have also added features that are vital to our pupils.


We are in the highest quintile for deprivation, and a high number of pupils are classified as being Pupil Premium. It is therefore of vital importance that we enable the children to have a variety of different experiences, that they may not otherwise get. These include: trips, visitors, meeting people with a variety of careers, completing jobs to contribute to our school community, understanding different faiths, the incorporation of British Values etc. This helps our pupils to have a variety of experiences/opportunities, which equip them to be educated citizens in later life. 

In our community, many pupils enter the school system with lower than average communication and language abilities, and limited life experiences. It is therefore our responsibility to incorporate opportunities to increase our pupil’s vocabulary acquisition, and to enable them to develop opportunities to express themselves in different contexts.


Each subject is of essential value, and success in all areas is praised and rewarded throughout the school. At Highters Heath, we feel that when a child is immersed in a topic, they are able to gain a deep and meaningful understanding as they look at it from a variety of different viewpoints and perspectives. To this end, we have planned and mapped out our curriculum, ensuring that (where appropriate and relevant), subjects are linked, rather than being taught in isolation.

We believe that a curriculum that allows our pupils to develop and embed their reading, writing and mathematical skills throughout other subjects and in a variety of contexts, enables our pupils to deepen their understanding of these skills. We therefore ensure that we include all of these skills within our foundation subject units.

Highters Heath Community School

Kings Heath, Birmingham

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Head Teacher -

Mr B Doherty

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