Friends of Highters Heath

Highters Heath School Council

Highters Heath School Council plays an important role in developing democracy in the school community. School councillors take into consideration all children’s opinions and gives them a voice.

Being part of the School Council is a privilege that is earned through a class vote. Elections take place once a year with two children being elected from each class to become School Council members. These representatives have the responsibility of being able to communicate important information to the children and teachers, as well as being good role models for the other children in the school. Some of their commitments include attending School Council meetings throughout the year, assisting with fundraising activities and supporting different charities.

Restorative buddies

Restorative buddies have been trained to use restorative justice to help pupils resolve any minor issues or conflicts during playtime and lunchtime.

Corridor guardians

Corridor guardians take responsibility in reminding children to follow corridor ‘norms’ during playtime and lunchtime. This helps to ensure a calm transition between the playground and the classroom.

Jobs board

Our Jobs Board encourages pupils to take on roles which contribute to the everyday running of our school community. Jobs such as Librarians, Recycling Officers and Corridor Guardians, are advertised via the board. Pupils can then apply for positions, be invited to interview and are notified by letter if their application has been successful. Pupils then carry out their roles during playtimes and dinnertimes and are ‘paid’ in credits which they can save up and use to buy something at the end of the year.

World of work

We are keen to develop children’s knowledge of the world of work and in doing so, encourage their aspirations, increase their understanding of what it takes to build a successful career and maintain a good job. In the summer term, Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to take part in our World of Work Taster Day. Adults representing a variety of different professions (such as nursing, firefighting, law and computing). come in to school to share their experiences of work and in some cases, allow the children to ‘have a go’ at what they do.

Market day

Each year we hold Market Week with the aim of developing our children’s knowledge and understanding of enterprise. Pupils learn about designing and making products, budgeting and profit margins. In preparation for the week, each class is allocated a budget of £15 with a remit of designing, advertising and making a product that can be marketed for sale to members of the school community. Each class is challenged to try to make a profit on their original budget and the money raised is donated to our chosen charity (as decided by members of our school council). The class who raises the most money receives the accolade of being Market Day entrepreneurs. Previous Market Days have been fantastic success and we are overwhelmed by the support that we receive from the local community.

Highters Heath Community School

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Mr B Doherty

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