Highters Heath Guarantee

At Highters Heath Community School, we believe that it is important for children to have a wide variety of experiences.

We will therefore do our best to guarantee that, during their 7 years at Highters Heath, the children will have the following experiences:

Each child will:

  • Visit a place of worship for every major faith group

  • Visit a theatre to watch a play being performed

  • Perform to an audience

  • Work with the Royal Ballet

  • Be given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument

  • Work with professional musicians

  • Hear an orchestra play

  • Take part in a residential visit

  • Visit a museum and art gallery

  • Visit the seaside

  • To experience a range of geographical visits, from the local vicinity to further afield.

  • To visit and study farms, rivers and mountains

  • Meet and question people from a variety of careers and backgrounds.

  • Meet an author

Highters Heath Community School

Kings Heath, Birmingham

B14 4LY


Head Teacher -

Mr B Doherty

Tel 0121 464 2459