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INSPIRE workshops

These workshops offer you the chance to work in school, with your child, on a range of subjects or skills. Ideas and information is provided to try out or continue at home. Check the events calendar for when your child’s class is having their next INSPIRE workshop (link to events calendar).

Other workshops

A range of other parent/child workshops are offered throughout the year such as Male Role Model, E-Safety, Puzzle Mornings, Phonics and Reading . Check the events calendar for the dates of other workshops. (link to events calendar)

Male Role Model Workshop

The Male Role Model workshop is a yearly event where children invite a male role model known to them such as dad, grandad, uncle, brother, family friend etc. They are given the opportunity to spend quality time together doing fun activities with different themes such as Space models that move and kites.

The Male Role Model workshop takes place in the spring term. There are 2 dates one for Reception and key stage one children and the other for Key Stage 2 children.


Through our assemblies we share with parents what has been taught in class and celebrate achievements. Parents are invited to class assemblies, end of term Gold Book and behaviour assemblies, prize givings and the annual Nativity. Check the events calendar for the dates of your child’s class assembly. (link to events calendar)

Parent Pop-in

On the first Thursday of every half term we open the doors at 8.45a.m and invite parents to “pop-in” to their child’s classroom to join in with an activity. This could be reading, a topic –linked task or related to a new skill they are learning in English or Maths. It is a chance to spend quality time with your child and to find out more about their current learning.


Homework is given out each week and can consist of a piece of Maths or English work or a topic related activity. Homework also includes reading at least twice a week, learning spellings and practising for Number Club.  Most children can also access Mathletics at home.

Online help

Some useful websites for helping your child at home are:





If you know of any other websites that you have found useful, please let us know.

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