Learning Power Characters

We’ve got the Power!


At Highters Heath Community school we really believe that it is essential to develop ‘characteristics for effective learning’ in all our children.  These characteristics are nurtured and developed in our learners when they enter the school, through a diverse range of opportunities and experiences that are carefully planned for by the teaching staff in Reception class.

This is further built on by the school’s promotion of the treasure words: Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness as characteristics we need to develop to become successful learners. These three treasure words have been taken on by our ‘learning superheroes’: Percy Penguin Perseveres (Resilience), Sammy the Seeking Squirrel (Resourcefulness) and Raj the Reflective Eagle Owl (Reflectiveness).  Each superhero has some key phrases that help us to remember how to develop each characteristic when we are learning.

Percy Penguin Perseveres

  • I can – I’m always ready, willing and able to learn.

  • I stick at learning and I love a challenge “I try, try and try again.”

  • I use Brain - Buddy - Big Buddy.

  • I look and listen – it helps me to learn.



Sammy the Seeking Squirrel

  • I wonder… I question… and if ‘I don’t know’, I see it as a challenge to ‘seek’ the answer.

  • I use my brain to think, seek and reason...

Brain– what do I already know?
Buddy – what can I use around me?
Buddy/Big Buddy – who can help me?

  • I ‘magpie’ (borrow) ideas to help me to improve and succeed.

  • I use TIIB to make sense of my learning and make links to the wonders of my world.


Raj the Reflective Eagle Owl

  • I think and plan ahead when learning, and always reflect on what I have done. I am brilliant at meta-learning!

  • I am a flexible learner. If something is not working, I adapt.

  • I have a ‘critical eye’. I carefully search for improvements that can be made.

  • I am a ready responder - I respond to advice and can create response tasks for myself and others.


Each term a superhero has a dedicated fortnight to promote his/her treasure word in school, and children are awarded stickers in class when they have demonstrated the particular characteristic successfully in their learning. Look out for stickers in your child’s books at parent’s evenings and parent pop-ins, they are not just awarded during the focus weeks! The treasure word medal, during the learning power focus fortnight, is awarded in Monday’s assembly to one child from each class who has been a true champion in demonstrating the particular focus learning characteristic. Children are nominated by their classmates after reflecting upon the learning from the week, encouraging reflectiveness in the decision. The superheroes have been welcomed into our school by the children, and our pupils are now far more aware of what these values/characteristics look and feel like in their learning, and how they can help them to be more successful.

The school recognises that these values not only apply to learning, and are characteristics that children need to develop to assist them with many other aspects of life.

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