Mentoring is an important part of our pastoral care. Our learning mentors work closely with children to overcome barriers to learning and develop social and emotional well-being. This may take the form of one-to-one sessions, small group work or targeted interventions. They also work closely with parents and carers, providing support when needed.


SPARKs (Social, Proactive, Assertive and Resilient Kids) is a 10-week programme for Year 2 pupils, aimed at raising children’s self-esteem and developing their social skills. Each week we focus on a particular skill such as: empathy; active listening; controlling behaviour and being assertive.  The groups are of mixed ability, allowing children to learn from each other. The programme ends with a special celebration where children receive a certificate a SPARKs book to take home.

Friends for Life

Friends for Life is a programme which takes place with small groups of children, usually from Year 5. This programme aims to assist children in developing life skills. Small group work encourages peer learning and builds peer support networks. It promotes self-confidence in dealing with difficult or anxiety-provoking situations, builds emotional resilience and the ability to problem solve.


We understand the importance of preparing our Year 6 pupils for the end of Key Stage assessments (SATs) as we recognise that this can be an anxious time for many children. During the Spring term pupils can attend a homework club where they are supported in completing SATs-style questions. In addition to this they complete a ‘Building Resilience’ programme with the school’s Senior Learning Mentor.

To ensure a smooth transition, we liaise with the secondary schools which our pupils go on to attend. For some pupils, this involves activities such as additional visits and participation in a ‘Moving On’ programme.


Pupils are supported in the move to their new year groups in a variety of different ways. Particular focus is given to pupils moving to a new key stage.

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