January 2021

Admission Policy



General Admissions to the Reception Class




  • To give the parents and carers as much information as possible about Highters Heath Community School and the educational aspirations we have for the children who come here.

  • To ensure that each child has a successful and happy start to their time at the school.

  • To begin a productive and supportive partnership with the parents and carers of the children.





It is not the school’s responsibility to organise its own admissions into the Reception class. The LA have the responsibility of allocating places on behalf of the school. The school is informed in March of the year before the September admission which children have been allocated a place in Reception.


The Governing Body have agreed that the admission limit for this school is 30.


Once the new children have been identified by the LA in the spring term, the procedures for admitting pupils begins. Parents are notified about the pre-admittance meetings and visits.

  • The Learning Mentor and the Teacher make appointments to visit the child and their family in their home. They talk to the parents and the child about what school will be like and give them a Welcome to Highters Heath booklet with information and photographs of key members of staff to prepare them to start.

  • A meeting is held in the summer term to give out further information about starting school. The parents are able to meet the school staff and ask any questions or express concerns.

  • During the summer term the new children are asked to come into school and stay for an afternoon so that they are able to get to know their teachers better.

  • In September the pupils come into school for two weeks on a part time basis. In the first week, the children attend school on alternate days, half a class at a time. They stay for dinner and leave at 1pm. On the second week, the pupils attend on alternate days for the full day. On the Friday of the second week, all the children attend together for the full day, ready to start full time from then on.




If there are too many children for the 30 places it is the responsibility of the LA to manage this issue. It is not possible to admit more than 30 children into the Reception class. Parents are entitled to appeal for a place and they can do this by applying to the LA Admissions & Appeals department.


Admissions Throughout the Year


It is the school’s responsibility to organise its own admissions into classes in which we have places. 

The school office keeps lists of class sizes and waiting lists for full classes.


The procedure for In Year Admissions is as follows:

  • An Application for a Change of School (In Year) will need to be filled out by a parent and brought into school. This form has a section which must be signed by the current school’s Head Teacher.  This form can be obtained from school.

  • If there is a space in the appropriate year group, the parent will be offered a place for their child. If there are no available places, the child will be added to the waiting list. Highters Heath follows the Local Authority criteria for admissions. When determining the order of children on the waiting lists, children with siblings already at Highters Heath will be given priority. After that, the order of admission will be determined by distance with those living closest to the school being given priority.

  • When a place is offered to a child, a meeting is organised for the parents and child/children to come into school to meet with the Head Teacher and discuss the learning needs of the children and how the school can best support the family in settling the children into school.

  • The children will be admitted after the class teachers have had at least 1 day’s notice in order to prepare for their arrival.


Information to be given


All parents will receive the School Prospectus with details on school procedures. They will also receive information on the provision for school dinners and the uniform they will be expected to wear. They will be asked to bring their children through the main entrance on the first day at school.

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