Statement of Intention


Highters Heath……where we all say, “I can…”.


As a school, we are determined to give every child the best quality education possible, irrespective of their abilities and needs. We are setting out to develop the whole child and the activities available at this school will encompass a broad spectrum of academic, pastoral, creative, physical, philosophical and spiritual experiences that will enable them to grow in their understanding of themselves and their place in the world. We want them to be ‘thinkers’, people who are reflective and able to make reasoned decisions based on clear principles. We will offer a wide variety of experiences that challenge, interest and inspire the children.


It is paramount to us that all children have the basic skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT and that we promote social manners, good health and physical development. We are committed to developing children with enquiring minds who respect the rights of others to share the world with them and who understand and value equality and diversity. We want the children to learn for life, be good decision makers, emotionally intelligent and able to deal with difficulties as they arise both now and in the future. Our behaviour management is based on the principles of Restorative Justice in order to build on the community spirit fostered within the school and to ensure pupils understand the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions.



We are committed to safeguarding our children and actively work at child protection in our practice. We will also teach the children how to keep themselves safe - in school, outside school and within the ever changing world of technology.


Working with Parents and the Community

We are committed to working together with our parents and carers. We hope that the work we do in school will be supported at home and that there will be an understanding that we have the best interests of the children at the heart of the school. The expectations we have of the children to maintain healthy, honest relationships with each other will be exemplified by the way the adults in school treat each other and the other adults that we come into contact with during our day to day work at Highters Heath.


Keeping our vision for the school at the forefront of our planning, discussions and decision making will help us to ensure we don't overlook the needs of any of the children who come to this school. We are here for our children; it is our responsibility to do our best for them, to care for their needs and to support our parents and carers in the enormous and exciting task of raising young people in an ever more complex and global society. We know we have a privileged place in that process and our promise to our parents, children and other stakeholders is that we will do our best, be honest in our mistakes and use our resources wisely to reach our goals.

Highters Heath Community School

Kings Heath, Birmingham

B14 4LY


Head Teacher - Mr B Doherty

Tel 0121 464 2459