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Welcome to Reception!


Welcome to Reception! During the Reception year your child will learn about the world around them through activities based on themselves and their families, celebrations, being friends, the seasons, changes in the animal world and favourite stories. Our learning themes are based around the children’s interests. We like them to be involved in their own learning and encourage them to ask questions and explore topics which capture their imagination. You can visit this site regularly as it will be updated termly to include our latest learning themes.

Please help us to plan by encouraging your child to tell us about any interesting family events or visits that they have experienced.



We hope you enjoy sharing our autumn learning themes with your child. We are learning ‘All about me!’ Children have brought a family photograph to school to talk and write about. They love the ‘Funny bones’ stories and have become interested in skeletons!

We are also talking about how to travel to different countries. The children are making a display about Ireland and enjoying making ferries and aeroplanes to travel there.


Teaching activities


Home Activities

Naming body parts- including bones!

What are bodies made of? Why have we got bones?

Sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes.’

Eating for a healthy body and strong bones.

Cooking with milk and cheese.


Which foods are good for our bodies and bones? What foods are made from milk?

Let children look through the cupboards and fridge. Which foods contain milk?

Let them help you write your shopping list to include healthy food.

Making jointed models of people and skeletons.

How are our body parts joined together? How do they move?

Share the ‘Funny bones’ stories by Janet and Alan Ahlberg from the library or online.


Making vehicles from construction kits.

How many ways can you travel?

Can you travel by car to another country?

Talk about trips the children may have been on- how did they travel there?

Look at maps, sat navs and Google Earth.

Make vehicles from cereal boxes.

Listening to music from Ireland and other countries.

Making our own music. Counting beats, creating repeating sound patterns.

How does the music make you feel? How can you move or dance to it? Can you make music from anything other than musical instruments?

Make music with everyday objects like pots and pans.

What kind of music do family members and grandparents enjoy? Encourage children to tell us about this at school.



We will be learning about changes in nature including animals and their young. Children will plant their own seeds and learn how to look after them.

We will update this section to include more details about the learning themes that we plan with the children and ways that you can support your child’s learning.



Children will begin their Forest School experience and enjoy caring for and harvesting crops. We will be going on a trip to Sarehole Mill to learn how to grind wheat to make flour and make our own bread! Our Story Telling week will take place this term. Children will work with a story teller to create their own imaginative tales, music and props for stories.

We will update this section to include more details about the learning themes that we plan with the children and ways that you can support your child’s learning.               

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