Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

At Highters Heath we use Restorative Justice to resolve issues where negative behaviour choices have caused harm or upset to another member of our school community.  Through this practice we are able to foster an awareness of how others have been affected by inappropriate behaviour.  This is done by actively engaging participants in a process which separates the deed from the doer and rejects the act not the actor, allowing participators to make amends for the harm caused. 

Restorative Practices improve behaviour, attitudes and relationships, make pupils accountable for their actions and allow all participants in an incident to have a voice. 

Restorative Justice is also about creating a sense of community and to that end all classes have a daily ‘check-in’.  This is where pupils and staff are given the opportunity to voice excitement or concerns they may have, and the class community is able to respond appropriately.  This may be as simple as a child not feeling well; to which their peers can offer nurture throughout the day.

School ‘norms’

Norms set the expectations for normal behaviour that pupils are expected to display in different areas of the school.  These include:

  • Corridor norms

  • Dining hall norms

  • Classroom norms

These are decided upon with the pupils and are reviewed at the beginning of each year.

Courtesy and respect (CARROT) tokens

When pupils are courteous or respectful they may be given a CARROT token. These are given to develop these qualities in our pupils and encourage them to be polite and aware of how others are feeling.  Classes collect these tokens and when they have earned 50, they receive a class reward of their choosing.

Behaviour management

For more information about how behaviour is managed at Highters Heath, please see our behaviour policy which can be found in the ‘Policies’ section of this website.


Celebrating positive behaviour

Pupils who show excellent behaviour throughout a whole term are invited to take part in a special reward afternoon. In addition to this, pupils whose behaviour has been exemplary all year are invited to attend a celebration along with their parents and carers.

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