Highters Heath School Council



Highters Heath School Council plays an important role in the school community. It helps to raise money for the school as well as supporting different charities.


Being part of the School Council is a privilege that is earned through a class vote. Voting takes place once a year with two children being picked from each class to become School Council members. Their roles in the School Council are decided at the first meeting.


The School Council members have the responsibility of being able to communicate important information to the children and teachers as well as being a good role models for the other children in the school. They have to be committed to assisting with any fundraising activities planned and attend the School Council Meetings that are arranged throughout the year.

School Council Members 19/20


Chair - Liam (Year 6)

Vice Chair - Keeley (Year 6)


Advertising Team

Elliot (Year 5)

Ava-Rae (Year 5)

Speakers for Reception

Lewis (Year 4)

Yousuf (Year 4)

Speakers for Year 1

Jack (Year 3)

Megan (Year 3)

Refreshments Team

Gemma (Year 2)

Lexi (Year 2)

What previous school councillors said about the role


"I joined the School Council because I care about my school and want to help raise money for charity." - Lee



"I am a confident speaker and a good listener. I care about our school and want to help raise money for our school and different charities" - Molly


"I have had experience of being on the School Council before and feel that I can make our school a better place." - Jade


"I am very creative and will be able to advertise the money raising events for charity in an exciting way."- Leah


"I joined the council as a speaker for year 1 because I am sensible and well behaved." - Abdulrahman


"I have good ideas on how to raise money for charity and how to make our school a better place." - Raees


"I am creative and good on the computer so I will be able to design posters for the charity events that we support. I can bring good ideas to the council meetings." - Jessica


"I am in the School Council because I am kind and very helpful." - Mikey



"I was picked for the School Council because I am responsible trustworthy and I like helping people." - Ellie-Rose


 "I have lots of good ideas to make our school nice and help to raise money for charity." - Taylor-Mae


The children are voting for their new school council members. 

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