SEND Information Report


The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children. The National Curriculum is our starting point for planning that meets the specific needs of individuals and groups of children. When planning, teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to pupils’ diverse needs. Some children have barriers to learning that mean that they have special needs and require particular action by the school.


These requirements are likely to arise as a consequence of a child having special educational needs. Teachers take account of these requirements and make provision, where necessary, to support individuals or groups of children and thus enable them to participate effectively in curriculum and assessment activities. Such children may need additional or different help from that given to other children of the same age.


Children may have special educational needs either throughout or at any time during their school career.


Identifying Special Educational Needs

Highters Heath has effective systems in place for identifying any pupils who do not make expected academic progress or who are struggling to access areas of learning as effectively as we would wish.


On a pupil’s entry to school, staff endeavour to find out about any existing Special Educational Needs or learning difficulties through discussion with parents and previous settings.


Regular pupil progress reviews are built into the school year to identify pupils who are not making good progress. Interventions are put in place to support these pupils.


When teachers raise concerns about pupils who are having difficulties accessing learning, this is brought to the attention of Mrs Lindsay, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who will look at the specific needs of the individual and decide what provision needs to be put in place to best support learning and progress.



At Highters Heath, we see parents as being integral to the success of our SEN provision in school. We consult with parents at all stages of the process and they are invited to termly meetings to discuss their child’s progress. When appropriate these meetings may take place more frequently, depending on the needs of the child.  If parents need to contact the SENCo they can do so by phoning the school office on 0121 464 2459.



Pupil with Special Educational Needs are issued with a one page profile and/or an Individual Education Plan (IEP). A one page profile lists the strengths of the individual, areas of school life they may find challenging and how they will be supported with those challenges. An Individual Education Plan (IEP)  is an individualised programme agreed by the SENCo, the class teacher, the teaching assistant, the parents and the child. Where appropriate, reasonable adjustments are made to classroom practice to accommodate the specific needs of pupils.


Expertise and Training


Staff have regular training tailored to the needs of the pupils we have in school. We have a commitment to whole staff training in supporting pupils with SEN, and ensure that specific areas of need have a designated lead practitioner.


Working with Specialist Support Agencies


The school works effectively with a wide variety of specialist support agencies to make accurate assessments of SEN and ensure appropriate provision is put in place.  These include Pupil and School Support (PSS), Educational Psychology, Communication and Autism Team (CAT) and Speech and Language therapy (SALT).




At the end of Key Stage 1 in 2015, the pupils with Special Educational Needs (without a statement) had an average point score of 14.0. The national average for pupils with SEN (without a statement) was 12.5

At the end of Key Stage 2 in 2015, 50% of the pupils with Special Educational Needs (without a statement) achieved level 4 in maths, reading and writing. The national average for pupils with SEN was 43%. The pupils with Special Educational Needs (without a statement) had an average point score of 22.9. The national average for pupils with SEN was 25.0.


Local Offer


If you wish to know more about the services provided by Birmingham to support families, children and young people dealing with special educational needs, please follow the link below.


This SEN Local Offer enables children and young people to have fairer access and opportunities to move towards long term aspirations of employment; finding somewhere to live; participating in society and good health.

Complaints Procedure


If you have a query or complaint regarding your child and their Special Educational Need please talk to either the class teacher or Mrs Lindsay in the first instance.  If you feel the issue has not been dealt with sufficiently or you still need further advice, please inform Mrs Colgan, the headteacher or the school governing body.


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