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Welcome to Year Two!


Our Autumn Term Topics are:


1. Black History.

We will be reading poems by famous local black poet – Benjamin Zephaniah. We will also create a piece of artwork inspired by Hurvin Anderson, a black artist from Birmingham. In history we will look at how Florence Nightingale cared for soldiers in the Crimean War. We then meet Mary Seacole, a famous black nurse, who also worked in the Crimean war and we explore how she was the same and different from Florence.


2. Health & Growth.

We learn about healthy lifestyles in science. Then we use this knowledge to make a healthy sandwich. We will also write a recipe for making our sandwich.  In addition, we learn about plants and animals and complete a science experiment to see what plants need to help them grow.


Our Spring Term topics are:


Great Fire of London & Buildings

We learn all about different buildings, as well as major events which may affect them, such as The Great Fire of London. We consider the different shapes of buildings and then design and construct our own using clay. We will consider, group and sort the different materials that buildings are made from. 


Our Summer Term topic is The Seaside.


We learn about life in a rural location in geography by reading the Katie Morag books and exploring her life on the fictional Scottish island of Struay. We will save information to a database about the characters in the story. In science we learned to make an electrical circuit to light up a lighthouse (related to our literacy topic on ‘The Lighthouse Keepers…’ series). We will also visit the seaside at Weston-super-Mare!




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