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Welcome to Year 4!

During the first half of the Autumn Term Year 4 will look at Ancient Greece and visit The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. In particular, we will study the Olympic Games and explore similarities and differences between their way of life and ours today. We will even make our own monster masks made from Modroc!

In the second half of the Autumn Term we will be starting a new topic, Nutrition and Digestion. We will be looking at the digestive system and how to keep healthy, in order to design and create our own healthy snack bars. We will also be completing some exciting experiments to help our learning in this topic.


During the Spring Term our topic will be Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. This topic is mainly geography based and includes some fieldwork to observe, measure and record. In science we will be focusing on the water cycle and changing of state. In the second half of the Spring Term we will be continuing the topic, looking at world climates, physical and human features.


In the Summer Term our topic is the Roman Empire and the Impact on Britain, looking at invasions on Britain, the Romanisation of Britain and British Resistance. In D&T we will be focusing on great designers and inventors and aim to create our own working torch, looking at electrical circuits in science will help us to achieve this. In the second half of the Summer Term we will be looking at Graffiti Art and hope to go on a day trip. We will be working with graffiti artists to create our own graffiti.



Performance Poetry

Watch some of our amazing Year 4 children as they perform a poem to the rest of their class. They have been looking at performance poetry. Go Year 4!

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