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Welcome to Year 5!


During the Autumn Term, we will be studying one of Shakespeare’s plays and rehearsing and performing an abridged version at The Old Rep Theatre, which will be a wonderful experience for the children!


In Science we will be working with materials: understanding mixtures, solutions, and reversible and irreversible changes. Our DT project will be making soup, inspired by healthy choices.


We will be using ICT to support our research, as well as learning about algorithms in computing, using software such as, ‘Scratch.’


In Art we will be using clay to make sculptures inspired by the artist, Greg Wyatt.

During the Spring Term, we will be studying Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in history and we will be looking at forces, and the Earth, Sun and moon during our science lessons.


During the Summer Term, we will be looking at regions in Europe and the Americas, in particular the rainforests. Our DT project will be making musical instruments inspired by the sights and sounds of the rainforests.

In science we will be looking at the life cycles of animals and plants. In Art we will be studying great artist, Henri Julien Rousseau and basing our art on his work.

We hope you will be able to join in with some of the activities at home!

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